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Dayton Powder Brows

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What we offer

Powder Brows • Combo Brows • Ombre Brows • Microblading • Velvet Lips • Permanent Eyeliner

Dayton Powder Brows is an upscale permanent makeup studio located in the heart of Centerville near Centerville High School. We specialize in powder brows, ombre brows, microblading, velvet lip blush, and permanent eyeliner. Our goal is to share our passion and talent with our clients in order to enable them to achieve their maximum beauty and confidence.

microblading dayton


Dayton's iconic destination for permanent makeup

Our services consist of eyebrow microblading, powder ombre brows, velvet lip blush, and permanent eyeliner tattoo. We have taken multiple trainings to perfect our skills to keep up with the latest styles and trends. By using top of the line products and tools we are able to provide natural, yet realistic results.

Featured Services

Permanent Brow Services

Simplify your getting ready routine. No longer will you have to fuss or fight to find the correct brow shape or pencil. We’ve got you covered!

Permanent Eyeliner

Darken your lash line and complete your look with permanent eyeliner. This treatment is perfect for those who love wearing eyeliner but want a  smear proof look.

Velvet Lip Blush

Enhance and define your natural lip color and shape with this service. It creates the illusion of soft, tinted lips with a velvety finish.


Dayton Powder Brows offers several training courses to meet the needs of artists at all levels. We offer private training courses, group training courses, and destination classes to fit the needs of our students. Our trainings are very thorough and comprehensive to beauty professionals that want to thrive in the permanent makeup industry. We provide the fundamentals to get you started and well on your way plus continued lifetime support after your training. 

Meet the Artist

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Get to know ShaTerra, the owner of Dayton Powder Brows!

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Permanent makeup doesn’t have to be a drastic change. We can do natural enhancements to create subtle definition and fill in small gaps and spaces.

My sessions are so thorough and detailed for this very reason so that we are always on the same page the entire time!

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✨T R A N S P A R E N C Y✨ We always expect to be great from the beginning but we all start somewhere and sometimes, it’s less than graceful 😅 In the apparent before on the left, my client volunteered to be my model for a training I took a few years ago (I was the student). I tried a new pigment brand that I wasn’t very familiar with and as she healed, the color grew increasingly dark. Can you say MORTIFIED?! Also in the image on the left, we performed a few saline lightening sessions to neutralize and soften the previous work for me to coverup.

On the right, I have provided her with a more flattering color and upgraded her brows with my latest technique to camouflage the previous!

When I tell you that she has been so patient through all my trials and errors... I really am grateful for her patience and allowing me to correct something not so flattering I did YEARS ago! Growth is a beautiful thing! I was so nervous sharing this because of course, we’d like everyone to believe we were great out the gate but the truth is we’re not and sometimes you have to fix work you did as a newbie 🧐😬

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