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Dayton Powder Brows

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What we offer

Powder Brows • Combo Brows • Ombre Brows • Microblading • Velvet Lips • Permanent Eyeliner

Dayton Powder Brows is an upscale permanent makeup studio located in the heart of Centerville near Centerville High School. We specialize in powder brows, ombre brows, microblading, velvet lip blush, and permanent eyeliner. Our goal is to share our passion and talent with our clients in order to enable them to achieve their maximum beauty and confidence.

microblading dayton


Dayton's iconic destination for permanent makeup

Our services consist of eyebrow microblading, powder ombre brows, velvet lip blush, and permanent eyeliner tattoo. We have taken multiple trainings to perfect our skills to keep up with the latest styles and trends. By using top of the line products and tools we are able to provide natural, yet realistic results.

Featured Services

Permanent Brow Services

Simplify your getting ready routine. No longer will you have to fuss or fight to find the correct brow shape or pencil. We’ve got you covered!

Permanent Eyeliner

Darken your lash line and complete your look with permanent eyeliner. This treatment is perfect for those who love wearing eyeliner but want a  smear proof look.

Velvet Lip Blush

Enhance and define your natural lip color and shape with this service. It creates the illusion of soft, tinted lips with a velvety finish.


Dayton Powder Brows offers several training courses to meet the needs of artists at all levels. We offer private training courses, group training courses, and destination classes to fit the needs of our students. Our trainings are very thorough and comprehensive to beauty professionals that want to thrive in the permanent makeup industry. We provide the fundamentals to get you started and well on your way plus continued lifetime support after your training. 

Meet the Artist

learn more about shaterra

Get to know ShaTerra, the owner of Dayton Powder Brows!

Velvet Lip Blush: A way to provide substantial color pay off with all over even color and provide definition where needed.

💋 This is great for someone that does not have a visible lip line, splotchy lip tone, and just the ability to get up and go. Each look is customized to fit the client’s desired outcome.

🌟 I used @permablend_pigments Sweet Melissa & Blushed with a drop of Bazooka to achieve this outcome

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Happy Monday, loves! I will be out of office taking a training from October 27th-30th. I’m super excited to re-learn Scalp Micropigmentation so that I can actually start offering it. All calls and emails will be returned on Monday, November 1st.

Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as SMP, is a permanent makeup technique which provides the illusion of hair density for men and women that may suffer from hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia, etc in the scalp and beard region. Tiny pixels are created with a tattoo machine to “fill in the gaps” to create hyper realistic hair follicles into the skin. Interested in the service or know someone who will? Let me know below so that I can reach out upon my return! 👇🏽

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Classic top & bottom eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner along with all permanent makeup is meant to enhance and make life easier.

Once healed, it will be a softer version of this. This is perfect for throwing the smudging worries away or worrying about your eyes watering and washing your eyeliner away. Add a baby wing in there and boom! You’re ready to go! What questions do you have about permanent eyeliner?

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Another 5 star review!

Reviews are everything! Thank you to everyone that takes time to leave them 😍 It helps my business so much to have REAL people vouching for me and leaving heartfelt experiences for others.

And of course, I love hearing about how much you loved your brows and other services! 🥰

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Fresh ombré brows and lash lifts? Yes, please! 🙌🏽

Did you know that you can schedule a lash lift with your permanent brows service? Great way to have your lashes and brows poppin’! When you book your service, you can add it to your cart. 😏

Lash lifts last 6-8 weeks and are great for those with straight or unruly lashes. Thank me later!

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✨Tag your favorite business professional ✨

I am preparing a weekly business segment set to roll out for November and I’d love to collaborate with other businesses. This will provide a wealth of information to those that desire it and an opportunity for networking. Tag your favorite businesses that may be interested in collaborating with me on topics or just to chat in general. They do not have to be local or in the beauty industry!

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I got to try @bowleresthetics new secondary numbing, Comfort Candy, on a couple of my touch up clients yesterday and it does everything she said it’d do! My clients were so comfortable, it didn’t change the texture of their skin or hardened it, very minimal blanching of the skin, and they were comfortable the whole time!

I ordered 10 because I believe in Lexi’s brand and she will not put out anything if it isn’t damn near perfect. I can’t wait to put these in my student training kits moving forward! Game changer!!

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Fun fact: Did you know that the glossed look on lip blush is aftercare? Many times, people ask me why the lips always look glossy afterwards. It’s for aesthetic purposes and because the lips can look very dry and matte looking in the end.

Helpful Tips
💄Bring your desired lipstick with you if you prefer a custom blend

‼️Exfoliate your lips gently and hydrate with shea butter or lip balm daily 3-4 days prior to your appointment to help the color absorb

✨Begin anti-viral medication 3 days prior and up to 3 days after to avoid a cold sore breakout. When you disrupt the properties of the lip, you stir up underlying herpes simplex and can potentially have a breakout

⚠️Do follow precare instructions to yield the best results and experience

💋These lovely lips were done by me with @permablend_pigments Bazooka and Blushed 🤩

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There will be THREE winners! Read the post in detail to enter properly 😌

1st Place
👻FREE brows & lip blush or lip neutralization by ShaTerra ($1350 value)
👻$500 gift certificate to give to a friend
👻 skincare gift basket with my favorites
👻Beanie hat with my logo

2nd Place
👻$300 gift certificate
👻 Travel Size skincare items
👻Beanie hat with my logo

3rd Place
👻$100 gift certificate
👻 Travel Size skincare items
👻Beanie hat with my logo

I am a skincare snob (DUH! I’m also an esthetician) and always recommend to my clients so I had to include them in my raffle especially with winter coming!

{How to Enter}

1. $5 per entry. You can enter as many times as you’d like. Raffle entries will be accepted via Venmo or CashApp only!
Venmo: @shaterrajenkinsmua
CashApp: $shaterrajenkins
(Example: If you send $25, you’ll get 5 entries)

2. Put “👻” and your IG name with your entry so I know who to contact and tag if you win (DO NOT add anything else)

3. Re-read #2 again. Any extras added will result in a refund and no entries. No other refunds will be issued so be sure that you really want to participate.

***All winners will be selected and announced LIVE on Halloween, October 31 (Turn those notifications on)!
***Must be 18+ to enter and must not have any major health issues, on chemo or Accutane, or pregnant/breastfeeding at time of appointment.
***Gift certificates must be used within 6 months or monetary value will be forfeited!
***If you have previous work, it must be dramatically faded 70-90% in order for me to work over. No exceptions! If you’re not sure, send me a picture first before entering.
***Prizes have no cash value and are not transferable. Please make sure you’re a good candidate before entering. All normal policies apply.

Happy Raffling!

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Color theory is very important when it comes to selecting the right color for brows or any permanent makeup. Here’s a sneak peek into behind the scenes of how we do swatches in my permanent makeup trainings. Here using @browdaddy x @permablend_pigments.

Wanting to upgrade your skills or advance your career? Check out upcoming trainings 👇🏽

Nov 19-21 (2 seats left)
Jan 21-23 (3 seats left)
Mar 11-13 (3 seats left)

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