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Dayton Powder Brows

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What we offer

Powder Brows • Combo Brows • Ombre Brows • Microblading • Velvet Lips

Dayton Powder Brows is an upscale permanent makeup studio located in the heart of Centerville near Centerville High School. We specialize in powder brows, ombre brows, microblading, and velvet lip blush. Our goal is to share our passion and talent with our clients in order to enable them to achieve their maximum beauty and confidence.

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Dayton's iconic destination for permanent makeup

Our services consist of eyebrow microblading, powder ombre brows, and velvet lip blush tattoo. We have taken multiple trainings to perfect our skills to keep up with the latest styles and trends. By using top of the line products and tools we are able to provide natural, yet realistic results.

Featured Services

Permanent Brow Services

Simplify your getting ready routine. No longer will you have to fuss or fight to find the correct brow shape or pencil. We’ve got you covered!

Velvet Lip Blush

Enhance and define your natural lip color and shape with this service. It creates the illusion of soft, tinted lips with a velvety finish.


Dayton Powder Brows offers several training courses to meet the needs of artists at all levels. We offer private training courses, group training courses, and destination classes to fit the needs of our students. Our trainings are very thorough and comprehensive to beauty professionals that want to thrive in the permanent makeup industry. We provide the fundamentals to get you started and well on your way plus continued lifetime support after your training. 

Meet the Artist

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Get to know ShaTerra, the owner of Dayton Powder Brows!

So y’all know brow reveals are my jam!! I finally got to use the @tinadaviesprofessional Sunset collection for redheads and the color was amazing! She had been waiting book with me for awhile. She loved her brows so much! Ecstatic clients always make me giddy inside. We talked the whole session like we’ve known each other forever. I can’t wait to see her for her touch up! ...

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Congratulations to my students on completing their 3-day Microblading and Ombré Brows training. They worked so hard and gave their all. I can’t wait to see how they blossom! Thank you for trusting me to guide you and instruct you. You did so well! ...

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Who said thick brows can’t have permanent makeup? My demo model for Day 2 of my microblading/ombré brows training was so wonderful. She didn’t like how thin her tails were and wanted more definition there and throughout. Beautiful outcome. Excited for model day tomorrow! Didn’t get a chance to do behind the scenes today but we will tomorrow 😊 ...

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Set up and ready for my microblading and ombré brows students tomorrow! This is going to be a fun 3 days! Be sure to join us for some behind the scenes! 🥰 ...

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The best compliments are shout outs or when clients take the time to leave reviews! ☝🏽 This client is fully healed after her touch up. This just made me all giddy to wake up to! I truly love what I do! 🥰 ...

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Bold combo brows perfection 👌🏽 with a lash lift
Procedure time: 2-3 hours
Purpose: Blended hair strokes in front to flow into shaded brow to create a fuller, darker, yet defined brow.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Anesthetic: Topical anesthetic and secondary numbing is used.⠀⠀⠀⠀
Discomfort: Varies; 0-3⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Results: Lasts up to 3 years, based on skin type, lifestyle, aftercare, etc. Most clients come for touch ups 18-24 months to refresh color. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Cost: $550-$650, includes initial session and one 8-12 week touch up!
DEC 4-6: 3-Day Microblading/Ombré Brows Training
JAN 12-15: 5-Day Permanent Makeup Intensive Training

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I’m excited to announce my LAST Microblading and Ombré Brows training of 2020 and my FIRST full weekend training. Start your 2021 fresh with a new skill and new career! Join me for my December 4-6 training with all the knowledge and information you need to start a successful permanent makeup career! Visit to sign up and learn more info! Only 3 spots available! Hope to see you there! ...

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Sneak peek behind the scenes of me doing an ombré brow touch up session! Not to best quality since I accidentally moved my camera but you get the idea! Questions about permanent makeup? Leave them below or visit my website 😉 ...

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I’m so excited to join my good friend @jaxskinpro for her Wednesday Talks series on 9/30 at 7pm EST on Instagram! We will talk all things permanent makeup! I will be able to answer any questions you have, what to look for when seeking the right artist for you, and hopefully trump a lot of misconceptions many have about permanent makeup in general. Please be sure to follow my @shaterrajenkinsmua page to get the notification. What questions do you have so we can add them to the discussion? Type them in the comments below!👇🏽 ...

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I couldn’t wait to post this brow reveal🤩 It’s always amazing when clients have been following my journey for years and finally come see me for services. Do you know how much PATIENCE that takes?!

This amazing woman came to me when I was first starting to do volume lashes and now I was awarded the opportunity to provide her with her dreams brows. Thank you for trusting me yet again @tianicole06! It’s always fun to catch up!

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Let’s talk about microblading! I get many requests for microblading. Many people seem to think all permanent makeup is microblading and that’s simply not the case. Unfortunately, everyone is not a candidate for microblading only. Sometimes they need a combo brow, ombré or powder brow. This is why you don’t see much work of only microblading from me.

What makes one a good candidate for microblading?
✔️A fair amount of natural hairs
✔️ Normal to dry skin
✔️ Not extreme sun damage or aged/mature skin
✔️ Meets candidacy guidelines
✔️ No previous permanent makeup or has previous microblading that is almost nonexistent/faded drastically

Microblading doesn’t require much pigment since we are basically creating paper cut-like strokes into the skin. This yields a very natural look and if one doesn’t have much hair or has more combo/oily skin, it does not heal well, more skin will show than hair strokes, and clients will not be happy with the results.

So trust your technician to inform you which style will be better suited for you in the long run. 💁🏽‍♀️

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